Benefits Of Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique

Beautiful smile young woman. White teeth on the master plan.Dental health is very important. Being able to smile with confidence is what drives some people to have gum recession surgeries. Gum recessions can crop up due to many factors like disease on the gum or even genetically disorders. Whichever the cause of gum recession you should seek treatment very early to ensure that your healthy dental wise at all times. This traditional technique has been passed by time after the invention of pinhole surgical method. It is because pinhole method has so many advantages to the patient than the traditional recession of the gum surgery. Pinhole surgical procedure involves numbing of the area and having it cleaned. A tiny hole is then made above the recession area. Using a small tool that is angles the gum is freed that is used to cover the tooth by sliding the tissue down. Finally there some collagen strips that are used as support or the new gum which will help in stimulation of the healing process. To learn more about its positives here are some of the advantages of pinhole surgical technique Phoenix.

Little gum invasion
Traditional grafting will involve a lot of grafting, incisions and sutures. While as the use of pinhole surgical method will not use scalpels. Thus makes sure that there is minimal effect on the gum .You are not required to remove other tissues from other mouth parts.

The procedure can be said to be painless. You need the gum to be numbed and the tiny tool does not cause a lot of pain to the gum. It is because there are fewer invasions on the mouth which is known to produce a lot of pain to the patient.

The treatment time is short
When compared to traditional grafting this procedure takes less time. It does not require all the cutting and stitching. It can take approximately 20 minutes for one tooth thus translating to few hours for the entire mouth. Traditional gum recession can even take more than 40 minutes per tooth which is time consuming.

Quick recovery
With fewer invasions of pinhole surgical technique Phoenix healing time is fast. Traditional methods could take up to 3 weeks to heal. This means that it is tree weeks you have to wait before resuming your normal routine like chewing, brushing and other oral related functions.

When getting a pinhole dentist you should look for one has the skill to perform that technique. They should show you’re their certification of learning for the technique.

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